The wishes our customers express can change – and we change accordingly. Quickly, reliably and in uniformly high quality.


WINTER has introduced a substantial degree of flexibility to its production, handling the production of small series with the same direct and accommodating style as major orders.


There is no doubt: short production lead times and rapid order fulfilment are among the clinching arguments for cooperating with Winter GmbH.


Product areas



Medical engineering

Among others, WINTER manufactures components used in support arm systems for applications within the field of medical engineering. A variety of surface and connection technologies are applied during module production.

















Pump engineering

Pumps can only work if their components fit together precisely. Their edges also need to deliver ideal smooth-running characteristics. WINTER uses insert technology followed by injection moulding to create high-quality and stable products.

















Electrical engineering

WINTER faces up to the challenge of producing individual components made of a variety of different materials on a daily basis. The products are defined and produced to meet functional and production-related requirements across their entire life cycles in close cooperation with our customers.



















WINTER mainly produces modules and individual components in the truck, caravan and special vehicle segments. Central lubrication systems and supply lines using a variety of connection technologies are manufactured to the highest standards of care and precision.


















Filter technology

One of the challenges of filter technology is to blend functionality with a certain look. Complete assembly of table filter systems and module production for central filter systems provide an impression of the varied expertise that WINTER delivers.


















Motorcycle technology

The manufacture of individual helmet components demands a high degree of expertise in injection moulding, which extends to both single and dual-component moulding.


Here, the main focus is on weight considerations and the traceability of materials used, alongside the geometric aspects.

















Individual solutions to a broad variety of requirements


We manufacture very different products for very different applications. It follows, therefore, that the requirements that our customers place in the functionality, quality and safety of these products differ just as widely.


Our experienced specialists are on hand as partners to help you as early as the phase of production development. After all, besides functional design, we believe that production development makes a substantial contribution to the reliable life cycle of the manufactured products across all processes and hence is critical to their success.


What this means for you:

Solution-driven consulting services aimed at achieving an ideal degree of product maturity to meet your requirements.




















Individual products for individual customers.


Our core competence is in the production and manufacture of plastic injection moulded parts made of plastic. We join with high-quality partners to provide surface finishing for your components:


Painting (single coat/two coats)

Chromium plating/galvanisation

Pad printing



Then, at the end of the product creation process, we apply


Ultrasonic welding


Vibration welding


to join the products and to create the fully assembled, packaged, documented and tested assemblies or end products on behalf of our customers.




We are able to manufacture products based on:




Models or designs



Our CAD programs:



Solid Works



Data transmission via:








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