WINTER has been at the vanguard of plastics processing for over 60 years.


WINTER GmbH currently manufactures over 2,500 different items, and has been a reliable partner to companies from a broad variety of different industries and applications for many decades now.


WINTER is situated in Eichenzell, where it produces disposable and reusable thermoplastic components. Its over 40 injection moulding machines deliver clamping forces of between 150 and 6500 kN to manufacture items with an injection weight of between 6 and 3,600 g. Production focuses mainly on accessories for mechanical and automotive engineering, medical and pump engineering as well as electrical systems and filter technology.

















Here, WINTER GmbH sees itself as a partner and all-round companion, delivering services across the entire value-added chain as requirements emerge.



To do this, WINTER draws on the accumulated expertise of its approximately 150 employees. They are machinists, electricians, mechatronic technicians, engineers, plastics technicians, machine fitters and toolmakers, joined in their commitment to complete projects from the incipient idea through to production and shipping.


WINTER GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Punctual to the last, the company can produce large numbers of complex plastic components for technical applications according to the highest standards of quality.


In addition to its technical expertise, WINTER is happy to provide one-stop commercial services to ensure successful planning and implementation of your project.

















Your project is looked after by qualified experts, all of them committed, loyal and dedicated to quality awareness.



Regular courses and seminars on the premises of machine suppliers, also ‘training on the job’, are among the standard features of the company’s operations.


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